We will help you with the following tasks:

  • Build a website (simple or portal)
  • Build an online store or shop
  • Write some software (php, perl...)
  • Database processing (mysql)
  • Convert a template to website
  • Create Codeigniter-based website
  • Create wordpress template or website
  • Create joomla template or website
  • Create drupal template or website
  • Design a banner (flash or gif)
  • Design a logo
  • Design some icons
  • Design a facebook landing page
  • Design a twitter background
  • Illustrate something

Contact us:

Viber: +380674029090

 About us

Advertising agency "UNIQUE" has been working at the Ukrainian market since 2000 and has developed quite rapidly.

Web-development and design are among the priority competences and skills of our agency. Our current clients are mainly Ukrainian companies, but this year we are expanding to the foreign markets and are interested in freelance projects from abroad.

Our own web-sites:
  • bizua.com
  • zoozilla.org
  • wows.zone
  • drugzilla.org
  • denugka.com.ua
  • autoua.com
  • fun.org.ua

Since 2000